At Bremen Motors we can provide extended warranty on our vehicles, there are several different packages to suit your budget. Extended car warranty provides cost coverage of most common repairs and replacement components.

We can tailor the warranty for your individual needs and have several price competitive packages to choose from. Additional to this a breakdown service can be purchased.

We’d be happy to walk you through these warranty options or you can call us on 07 3142 5155.





Our dealership breaks the average conventional car yards mould to offer a service truly distinctive and individual. Our goal is to excel in every area of customer care including services such as finance. It’s another aspect of what we call the ‘Total Ownership Experience’.

We provide you with Financial Professionals who will offer you comprehensive and highly competitive finance solutions tailored to your personal or business needs. We ensure that the process of financing your new “used vehicle” will be every bit as smooth as driving it.


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You can actually get more! As we not only know how to market the vehicles the right way, but we can also take trade-ins and finance your car for the buyer, making the sale not only much easier and quicker but more likely to get you a better selling price as well.

Yes we can at a very good trade in price, depending on the condition, year and model of the vehicle.

Call us to find out more!

Yes, we maintain a close working relationship with transport companies as we buy and sell interstate.

Our shipping prices are normally lower that what private parties can get as we do this sort of operations on a regular basis.

We can provide finance at the lowest available interest rates and pre approval within 2 hours.

*This applies to clients without credit issues. Others might take longer depending on credit record.

We can produce all the documents and transfer the vehicle on your behalf (if agreed upon) within 30 minutes once signed by all parties (you and a representative of Bremen Motors).

We can take a deposit by money transfer conditional to the inspection of the vehicle by you, getting the car of the market awaiting your inspection.

If by the time you are able to come you find that the vehicle is not what you expected, we will be happy to make a full refund of the deposit made previously.

* The deposit will be refunded within 5 working days and after the transfer has been made, after that it will be no longer refundable unless specified in writing by Bremen Motors and agreed by both parties.

You should call us first! Our client's satisfaction is paramount to us, and your concern is always ours too.

We at Bremen Motors are fully Licensed Motor Dealers therefore, we must provide Statutory Warranty to any vehicle sold (Except Consignments), Certificate of Clear Tittle and Cooling off period.

Consequently, we are registered Dealers with Australian Warranty Network, allowing us to provide Extended Warranties and Roadside Assistance policies up to 36 months at a very low cost for you.